Trade Rates

Lower trade rates mean more money available for trading.

$ 1.00

Per Trade Minimum

$ 0.005

Per Share


Routing Fee

Trade Rates

With F1Trade, you’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying in trade rates. Our online trading rates are straightforward, and you won’t get hit by hidden, unexpected fees. Trading fees are posted online, and if you have questions, you can contact one of our professional customer service representatives by email or live chat.

Competitors may offer free trading but high account balance requirements and/or limited customer support make active trading inaccessible. With F1Trade, we’ve got some of the lowest trade rates and balance requirements – these are just our standard.


Our competitive trading commissions are only $1.00 min per trade and $0.005 per share. F1Trade’s commission rates now offer ZERO routing fees. No-cost routing fees are just another way F1Trade saves traders money on a daily basis.

Full-service brokerages make the bulk of their income from commissions, but it makes no sense for day traders to use these types of services. Discount brokerages offer lower commissions, but offer little in return other than a trading platform. F1Trade gives clients top research tools, lightning-fast execution and up-to-the-minute information to help them succeed.

The F1Trade Advantage

F1Trade offers so many advantages for day traders, low fees and commissions are just part of the way we serve clients.

Day traders also have access to 10,000+ stocks for shorting, the largest number available online. We offer 6:1 leverage on intraday trading.

Before starting real trades, use our $100K practice demo to make virtual trades and learn the ropes. Give F1Trade a try and discover our advantages firsthand.