Software Fees

Successful day trading depends on using top stock trading software.

State-Of-Art Software

Along with confidence in their strategy, day traders need confidence in their stock trading software. Outdated, glitchy software harms your trades and your bottom line. Day trading is all in the timing. In a business built on speed, slower online trading software puts you at a huge disadvantage. The same holds true for complicated online stock trading software with a big learning curve.

F1Trade’s stock trading software is sophisticated and intuitive, so you can pick it up very quickly. Our state-of-the-art software gives day traders lightning fast, reliable execution. You have confidence in your trades when you know they are made at exactly the right moment. With F1Trade, just point and click and your trade is made. Even if you are not a professional trader, F1Trade’s online trading software allows you to trade like one.

At F1Trade, you aren’t limited to a desktop or laptop computer for trading. Trade stocks via your smartphone by downloading our free app.

The road to success is led by the top day trading tools. F1Trade’s online stock trading software provides the necessary tools, making it the best online brokerage for day traders with low software fees for our Pro-Version.

Advanced Features

Along with easy-to-use, intuitive online trading software, F1Trade offers day traders advanced features giving them instant information. Here are just a few of these online stock trading software tools:

  • Top Stocks

  • Quotes

  • Charts

  • Trade Logs

  • Watch List

  • Alerts

  • Real-time market data

  • Pre-and-post market trading

  • Option chains

  • Window linking

  • Programmable keys

F1Trade’s Software Fees

TRADING PLATFORMmonthlymonthly
Web-Based Trading (ActiveWeb)FREEFREE
F1Trade Pro + Mobile Apps below included$49$49
iPhone or Android App$35$35
LEVEL-1 EXCHANGE DATAmonthlymonthly
Nasdaq (Level 1)Included$40
NYSE, AMEX (Level 1)Included$65
OTC Markets (Level 1)$15$30
OPRA Options (Level 1)$15$30
E-mini Futures (Level 1)$15$15
Regional Quotes (Basic Level 2)$15$60
Nasdaq Total View (Book Depth)$20$100
OTC Markets (Level 2)$50$75
OPRA Options (Level 2)$50$75
NYSE ARCA Book$15$60

Fees not prorated. All users are subscribed as ‘Professional’ unless qualifying as a ‘Non-Professional’ via the exchange questionnaire.

Fees and rates are subject to change without prior notice.