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How is my personal information stored?
Your information is stored on F1Trade’s encrypted servers inside encrypted databases that is monitored 24/7.
Will my contact info be shared with third-parties?
We assure you that any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We have a small dedicated secure department who perform the assessments and strictly control the process. The information you provide will not be used by ourselves for any purposes you cannot find here Privacy Policy.
Why does F1Trade need to know my Employment status?
In order to perform our due diligence to remain in compliance with KYC/AML laws, in most cases this information is needed to provide proof of the source of funds being used to trade. Your employer name, address and occupation is required.
Why does F1Trade need to know my source of funds to trade?
Incorporated in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, it is the company’s internal policy to verify any person of such information. Therefore, at times when certain limits and thresholds are reached it may become necessary for us to ask customers to provide evidence to confirm the source(s) of funds they use.
Why does F1Trade determine if I am a professional trader?
NASDAQ requires that each broker pay professional fees when they offer market data to their clients. Therefore, DAS our platform provider must know. They must ask us and we must ask the clients.