Account Fees

At F1Trade, we offer a straightforward pricing structure with NO HIDDEN FEES.


Outgoing Funds


Account Fee - Monthly

(if under 20 trades)


Margin or Equity Call Fee

per day

More About Account Fees…

  • Any hard to borrow short locate fees will be passed onto the client, these fees will vary.
  • Overnight Short Fee – 0.005% Fee charged on short positions held overnight (calculation is based on Market Closing Price).
  • Overnight margin call fee is charged to any account with equity below 50%.
  • Equity margin call fee is charged to any account that goes above 6:1 margin intra-day and is liquidated by the firm at $25 per symbol.
  • Holding positions on margin overnight are subject to an interest rate of 7.5% APR (annualized).